2021 Chinese New Year Staycation in Guangzhou

When it comes to Chinese New Year, most importantly it’s all about family and traditions. These are often difficult for foreigners to experience, but now we are opening the doors to a local family and invite you to spend the Spring Festival 2021 with us!

The staycation is held in an old village in Guangzhou, with a history over 700 years, the Shenjing Village is an ideal location to experience the traditional Chinese New Year. Old customers are preserved and fire crackers and fire works will light up the sky.

You will be spending your holiday with the Ling family (and your guide and friend Sara, the founder of Expat Chinese). The Ling clan used to live in Fujian province, but 700 years ago fled a war and settled on the Changzhou Island and formed the Shenjing village. Ask anyone in the village for their surname and if it’s Ling, they are the locals of the area.

Photos from previous years

How to book

Book via WeChat: 15002016434 or yaxuefang (same account)

Book via Email: sara@expatchinese.com