Expat Chinese – Teaching Chinese the Western Way

Expat Chinese offers high-quality Chinese lessons and courses in Guangzhou and online around the world. If you live in Guangzhou or want to study Mandarin online – we have the best solution for you.

The only Chinese language center in Guangzhou that is founded and operated by a professional foreign Chinese language teacher.

Expat Chinese was founded in 2017 to answer the calling for more high-quality Chinese education that fits the needs of foreign students, especially those used to Western-style teaching and learning.

We teach Chinese the Western way!

Sara Jaaksola founded Expat Chinese after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She wants to teach Chinese the way foreign students learn best, by understanding the language and answering all the ‘why’ questions students love to ask.

Since January 2023 Sara has been enrolled in a Ph.D. program and her research focus is Chinese language learning motivation. To learn more about her research, please check her blog or her YouTube channel.

I always want to give student the reasoning behind what we teach. Not just simply saying “That’s the way Chinese people say it”, but to truly helpig students to understand the reasons why. Our students ask some of the most trickiest questions and our job is to help them find the answers!

Sara Jaaksola, Head teacher & Founder

What do you get as a student?

  • Study Chinese the way you learn best, we combine the best of Western and Chinese teaching methods! We are ready to answer your “why” questions.
  • Be sure that your needs are heard! At the beginning of our courses, each student does their own Study Plan and needs analysis. In the middle and in the end of the course feedback is gathered and courses are improved.
  • Easy communication with your teachers. All of your teachers speak a high level of English!
  • Free consultation at any point in your studies. Expat Chinese founder and head teacher Sara Jaaksola is available to discuss your studies, goals, and needs. She will offer her expert advice on learning Chinese for 10+ years and teaching for almost 10 years.

Our services to you

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Address and Contact

Classroom: Guangzhou, Liede Sub-District, IGC Mall East Tower

Mobile: 15002016434

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Email: sara@expatchinese.com