Chinese lessons in Guangzhou – how to choose?

Guangzhou has a wide variety of Chinese lessons, where should you go and study Mandarin Chinese then? What Chinese lessons in Guangzhou fit you the best?

Looking for Chinese Lessons in Guangzhou

Different options

There are a few options you can choose from when wanting to find Chinese lessons in Guangzhou.

  1. Study almost full time at a university. Usually you have half day lessons Monday to Friday, rest of the time you will most likely have homework. Most students are young and the pace of studying is often rather fast. Some options you can find here.
  2. Study at a language center where you can choose between group and private lessons. Before choosing contact a few centers to find the one that fits your needs the best, quality can vary a lot.
  3. Find a private tutor is one way as well and can be the most budget friendly option. But finding a good teacher can be difficult and professionality varies as private tutors don’t work in a center or school.
Variety of Chinese lessons in Guangzhou are available

What to consider when choosing a center to study Chinese?

  • Recommendations. Ask around your friends or other expats in Guangzhou what centers or teachers they recommend. At the same time remember that your needs might be different from your friends.
  • Budget. Another important things to consider is your budget, choose lessons that bring high quality and fit your budget. But if something seems like too cheap to be true, there might be a reason for a low price.
  • Your needs. The most important things to consider is of course your needs and if the center or teachers can meet them. For finding out your goals and needs, you can try out our Chinese Study Plan Maker.
  • Location. Some of the best teachers are worth commuting for, but for most of us we wish not to spend too much time going to class and back. Check the distance from home to the center or hire a teacher to come to you!
  • Benefits. What other benefits can you get as a student? Does the center offer other activities or workshops? Are ther any perks joining them? Ask the center what you can get.
Teachers Sara and Alice are teaching Chinese lessons in Guangzhou

What to consider in a Chinese teacher?

  • Teaching skills. How good is the teacher teaching Chinese to foreigners? Does he or she take account your level and way of learning? Is there a way to have a trial class or participate in a Chinese Corner?
  • Language skills. Does the teacher speak good English so you can communicate with him or her in the beginning? Does he or she speak other languages?
  • Training. How is the teacher trained and does he or she received regular training from the center they work at? Does the center pay attention to the training and wellbeing of their teachers? Happy teachers make happy students!
  • Other things to consider might be: educational background, certificates, personality, patience, nationality and so on. There isn’t one teacher that fits for everyone, you need to take your own personal needs in to account when choosing the best fit for your.
Taking notes for your Chinese lessons

Prices for Chinese lessons in Guangzhou

Prices vary a lot depending on the center, teacher and if you want to take private lessons or group lessons. For exact prices you need to contact each center as many don’t advertise their prices online. Usually you get a better price when you buy more hours or buy a longer course.

Just remember that centers cannot discount their prices down a lot, as to hire high quality teachers, they also pay better salaries. Excellent teachers will bring better lessons to you.

To get an idea for pricing, you can check out our open pricing policy:

In the end what matters the most is to find a teacher and a center that fits your own needs the best. Ask for recommenations, try it out and make your choice!