Create your Chinese study plan

The hardest thing about learning Chinese isn’t tone or characters, it’s motivations, like studying any other language or subject. At times you might feel lack of motivation, and it’s completely normal and nothing to worry too much about, but there are ways to keep your self more motivated.

We can offer you incentives to keep on learning, but inner motivation is what really keeps you going and helps you to achieve your goals with learning Chinese.

To help you set your goals and be clear what you want to reach, we have created a Chinese Study Plan creator for your, and it’s completely free to use.

Click here to create your own Chinese Study Plan

Benefits of creating a study plan

  • Setting goals – It’s easier to reach something when you know what you want to reach
  • Keeping motivated – When feeling loss of motivation, go back to your study plan and remember what you set out to do
  • See your progress – Keep continuing that line of progress and see how great it feels when you can reach your goals you wrote down on this plan
  • A tool for your tutor or teacher for creating better lessons for you, no matter if you study with Expat Chinese or with someone else, you can always use this tool to help your teacher understand you better