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Spring 2022

Courses starting in February 2022

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Study Chinese in Guangzhou with Expat Chinese. Our group courses are the perfect fit for you who wants to put 2 or more hours per week into learning Chinese and wants to study together with a motivated group of students.

We limit the number of students to 3 to 6 to ensure high quality small group teaching.

Expat Chinese offers Chinese lessons in Guangzhou both during the week and on weekends. Courses are being held at our Zhujiang New Town Center.

“I really like Expat Chinese’s teaching method. I also enjoy taking multiple, different classes with them. It helps to give me a more diverse view on the Chinese language because this way I not only study the grammar and vocabulary but also the history of the characters.”


How to choose the best course for you?

You can choose your course according to your needs, level and schedule. You can contact us with the contact form at the end of this page and we can help you to choose the best course for you.

Courses Starting in February 2022

Beginners Chinese (HSK1)

Beginner Chinese (Chinese level 1) will teach you daily life conversational Chinese from the very beginning, no previous knowledge of Chinese language required. After this course you can pass HSK Level 1. Our topics include: introductions, making friends, taking a taxi, shopping, ordering food, talking about time. Basic Chinese you need when living in Guangzhou.

After the course you can master 150 Chinese words.

Choose from one of these groups:

Evening group on Wednesdays: Course starts February 16th, total of 17 weeks of lessons, no lessons on public holidays. Approximately 5 months.

Daytime group on Fridays: Course starts February 18th, total of 17 weeks of lessons, no lessons on public holidays. Approximately 5 months.

Tuition fee: 4760CNY

Elementary Chinese (HSK2)

Chinese level 2 is suitable for those who have studied Beginner Chinese or have passed HSK level 1 or similar level. After this course you can pass level 2. We will continue to learn daily life Chinese and improve our fluency in speaking and listening. You will be more comfortable in communicating in Chinese. 

After the course you master 150 new Chinese words, bringing your total word count to 300.

Evening Group on Mondays: Course starts February 14th, total of 17 weeks of lessons, no lessons on public holidays. Approximately 5 months.

Tuition fee: 4760CNY

Intermediate Chinese (HSK3)

Chinese level 3 is for those who have already studied HSK2 or a similar course and know about 300 words. In this course we will be using Chinese Characters. For HSK3 we have two groups:

Intensive: 34 hours of lessons

  • Intensive course studies the whole HSK3 curruculum during the Spring Semester. This course has more homework and character study is mainly done at home.
  • Sundays 1-3pm
  • 4760CNY

Course 2: 62 hours of lessons

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 10am to 12pm, 8680CNY
  • Course 2 studies the lessons 11-20 from the HSK3 curriculum. We use more time in class for character learning and spoken practice.

Both course start on the week of February 14th. No lessons during public holidays.

Chinese Characters 1

Chinese Characters is suitable for those taking the Beginner Chinese or more advanced students who are new to characters. During this course we learn the 150 most common characters that are also on the official character list for HSK level 1. We will learn how to type Chinese and write simple characters by hand. 

After this course you can read HSK level 1 graded readers and understand many characters around you in the real life.

Once a week on Tuesdays: Course starts February 15th, total of 17 weeks of lessons, no lessons on public holidays. Approximately 5 months.

Tuition fee: 4760CNY

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