HSK Flashcards

When memorizing Chinese words or characters, flashcards are a great tool to have! You can use paper flashcards or use a flashcard app like Skitter.

If you live in Guangzhou or elsewhere in China, welcome to buy our Expat Chinese HSK Flashcards!

Tips for using paper flashcards

  • Paper flashcards are best for the lower levels, for higher levels the amount of cards might get too much to handle
  • Use the cards to review words that you have learned in class or through self study
  • When reviewing keep three different piles: 1. Easy cards that you know well 2. Cards that you know, but need to review 3. Cards that you didn’t remember or hard to commit to memory
  • Review the pile 3 daily and pile 2 once a week until you get all the cars to pile 1

HSK Flashcards

Flashcards have character and pinyin on one side, English translation on the other side.

HSK Level 1: 150 words 40rmb

HSK Level 2: 150 new words 40rmb

HSK Level 3: 300 new words 80rmb

For higher levels we provide flashcards as well, but please notice it’s a huge amount of cards. You might prefer an app like Skritter that can tell you which cards to review and when. With Skitter you also practise writing and can do a lot more!

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